Miami Lakes Educational Center
Miami Lakes Educational Center

Student Schedule Changes

All students are asked to adhere to the following procedures in order to correct/adjust their schedule.

  • No changes will be made on the first week of school. Students will follow their schedule exactly as printed.
  • If there is an error in the scheduled (repeating a class, course needed for graduation, class passed in summer school, etc.) have the student fill out a REQUEST FOR SCHEDULE CHANGE FORM, turn it in to the teacher. The teacher will turn it in to the Guidance Office. Please complete only one form.
  • Students will follow their schedule until they receive a new schedule. The student must sign out with the original teacher and then go to the new class to sign in. Student needs to return schedule change form at the end of the day to his/her counselor.
  • “I changed my mind” requests for scheduled changes will not be considered.
  • Any student who feels there is an error in their schedule must submit a request for schedule change.