Miami Lakes Educational Center
Miami Lakes Educational Center

Options for Making up Courses/Credits

1.) Online courses through Florida Virtual School –

  • To register for a course: Go to and sign up.  In the registration process you can search and select your course, create an account and sign up.
  • Courses must be verified online by your School Counselor before you can be placed in your course.  Counselors verify courses daily – No Need to See Counselor.If there is a problem with the course you have requested, counselor will either send you an email or meet with you.
  • You may be required to complete a New Student Orientation.   To find times and sessions, student should visit the FLVS website and look for the New Student Orientation icon.
  • All grades and credits are received electronically.  No Need to See Counselor.
  • A copy of your Student History with the credit received and posted will be delivered to you via your homeroom teacher.

2.) Take courses through the Adult Education Program (night school) 

  • Students must make an appointment to see counselor in order to obtain an adult education registration form.
  • Announcements via the PA system are made to inform students of night school availability.  Students are responsible for following up once the announcement is made.
  • Time management is essential to keep grades for “day” classes in good standing and still be able to succeed in “night school” classes.

3.) Summer School

  • Summer programs, if available, are offered through summer adult education and/or night school programs to all students.

Note: In order to pass an annual course in grades 9-12, a student must earn a minimum of 10 grade points, of which a minimum of 5 must be earned in the second semester.