Miami Lakes Educational Center
Miami Lakes Educational Center
Date:December 11, 2013


Miami Lakes Educational Center is part of the Miami-Dade County Public Schools system. It is one of only three area vocational-technical training centers. It is the only dual-delivery school in Miami-Dade County, providing adult vocational training in conjunction with a full-service high school. This allows the high school students to attend regular academic classes and technical or vocational training programs during the same school day on the same school campus. Upon graduation, high school students can receive both a high school diploma and a certificate of completion from the vocational training program in which they participate.


The mission of Miami Lakes Educational Center is to create a highly qualified future workforce by offering state-of-the art academic, career and technical education to all generations within our community.


To facilitate, promote and provide successful career training opportunities and high academic standards for secondary and post-secondary students designed to meet the challenges of an ever-changing global economy.